Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Last week, I made a decision to attempt to blog every day until I start university.... and it lasted 4 days. That's what happens to creativity and hobbies most of the time... life gets in the way. A sad thought, but very true for something that often doesn't make people enough money to live off (or none at all in my case ha!). When so many people around the world enjoy immersing themselves in music, art and writing that others have shared with them, I am baffled that artists don't make more money.

I've been working a fair bit over the last couple of days, slowly (like, turtle speed) learning how to be a Bra Fitter. Random, i know, but it's a job! (F.Y.I. I work in the 'intimate apparel' section of one of Australia's biggest department stores) There are so many awkward/mortifying/hilarious stories I could share - but that's a WHOLE other post.

The only reason I've accepted extra shifts at work is to fund my upcoming escapades... leading me to the 'so excited' half of the title!

The next couple of weeks look like this -
+ My 18th Birthday (and Party!!!) is on Saturday
+ I'm going to my first Bar/Club with friends that night
+ Orientation Week of Uni starts on the 25th, which will include plenty more outings and alcohol
+ Actual University starting on the 4th of March

May I reiterate how excited I am at the moment?!?!?!
Oh, don't worry - I will definitely fill you all in on everything.

Until next time,

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